Before you pick-up the phone to ask an agent to appraise your home remember back to when you were buying a home and walk in a buyers shoes and visit all the window displays of every real-estate office in town and remember; when our offices are closed over the weekend or closed of a night; our “local” and “out of town buyers” look at all the window displays for a “WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY”.    

When you have made the decision to sell your property always look at your home through a buyers eyes.

A buyer will see your home in a real estate window, a 6’x4’ sign, or while browsing on the Internet and will judge a book by its cover when a prospective buyer drives past to inspect your home. A buyer is more likely to ring my mobile phone or my office for an inspection when the lawns are cut, the garden is weed free and a home presents well to the eyes of a buyer who is judging your property against other homes they have seen in a similar price range to yours.                                                                                  

The 6 reasons that usually stop a home from selling is firstly the price; the presentation; condition; location; nearby neighbors or the neighborhood. All properties do sell to the right buyer; then it’s the timing of the sale that is unpredictable.


                                One Agent – One Sign

If you want to achieve the highest price possible when you are listing your home, only enlist one agent to sell your property and only have that agent’s sign on your property.

 The environment has changed from the old days where you would place two or three signs on a property. Homes sell much faster these days with the population boom, migrant influx and people moving for employment opportunities for young people  and the older generation downsizing; and baby boomers moving out of capital cities as they retire to country areas.

Most buyers in Victoria are coming to the country from Melbourne where buyers and sellers are used to seeing one sign on a home because most homes are sold by auction, therefore one agent handles the sale of the property.

Two signs on your front fence will indicate to these buyers from Melbourne; that you are desperate to sell and that you will reduce your price.

Three signs will tell the buyer that you are having a fire sale; and buyers will believe that you will sell well below the asking price; and as your agent I will constantly receive ridiculous offers to bring you. 


Before you sign an Exclusive  Authority always have your Solicitor or Conveyancer prepare a Section 32 Statement in preparation for the sale, when a buyer is found a Sales Contract can be prepared to accelerate the sales process and before you visit your Solicitor/Conveyancers office, they will need you to produce a current Council rates notice & Current water rates notice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

You may notice that a Real Estate office who has a policy of Vendor paid advertising may have more “For Sale Signs” around Maryborough because Vendors with this firm will often leave their home on the market long after their Sale Authority expires, in knowing they will have to pay their bill for paper advertising & marketing if they give their home to another Real Estate office to sell.  Some of our elderly citizens may leave their homes on the market with a firm who charge “Vendor paid paper advertising” for months or even years, because they don’t have the money to pay.                                                                                                                                    

Over the years I have found that most buyers will buy a home from any estate agent if they find a home they like; and most will go back to the same agent if they were satisfied with the service they were given.                            

I believe you will find with our locally owned offices in Maryborough none of us charge vendor paid paper advertising                                                                                                                                                                                                               

If my office doesn’t sell your property we will never charge any fees for our services; because if we don’t sell your property, we haven’t done our job and our aim is to have “Clients for Life”.